This is an edited version of the one appearing on my Facebook page:

1. The Apple iPod is the machine I've waited for my whole life. I can put my entire CD collection on it and keep it in my pocket. As a bonus, I get to go around saying that there's music in my pants.

2. I spent two and a half years pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles.  I was able to do a number of things that I never would have been able to do otherwise and should never, ever do again.

3. I have always had an immutable impulse to communicate my ideas through writing.

4. But the deepest desire in my soul has always been to sing. Unfortunately, I cannot sing nor can I keep a beat, as I have the rhythm of a block of wood. So writing it is.

5. For a 3 year period, I owned a 1985 Honda Rebel, which was a model of a Harley-Davidson chopper. Not only did it get me through much of college, but I took trips on that motorcycle I'll remember the rest of my life. I miss that bike.

6. Pretty much anything is better when it's covered in melted cheese.

7. Of my three vices, soda is probably the worst.

8. I have written one terrible mystery novel, one good young adult novel, and one possibly publishable young adult novel.

9. I have also published a number of short poems in forgettable literary journals. Expecting any reaction from this is a bit like throwing a pebble into The Grand Canyon and waiting for the “plop.”

10. My first real job was at a pretzel place called “Twisteroos.” I ate free pretzels with melted cheese (see number 6) for years.

11. I consider every woman on the face of the earth a work of art and a gift from God. This philosophy sometimes causes me trouble.

12. Until I was much too old for it to be healthy, I was the biggest Barry Manilow fan on the planet. There, I said it. I hope you're happy.

13. I once worked at The Universal Amphitheater for seven months. This allowed me to see free concerts, hang out with stars, and enjoy numerous other perks of the Entertainment Industry. It was also one of the most soulless, evil places I've ever been.

14. I would love popcorn even if I didn't have amazingly fond memories of eating it with my whole family while we watched TV most nights of my life.

15. . When I was 10, I thought The Partridge Family was real.

16. I've never tried a recreational drug in my life. Reality is bizarre enough, why would you want to chemically alter it?

17. I've been an English teacher at West Hills High School for 16 years and I absolutely love what I do. I am grateful every day that I get to walk into my classroom.

18. But if I thought more about my students who show up hungry, abused, neglected/ignored, depressed, lacking sleep, etc., I'd have to quit my job.

19. I wish I were Batman who can do super things even though he's only human, but I'm more like The Incredible Hulk because I act like a monster when I'm angry.

20. Favorite actors: DeNiro, Pacino, Hoffman, Mantegna, Nicholson. Favorite Writers: Mamet, Shepard, Shakespeare. There are others of both.

21. The Beat Farmers will always be my favorite rock and roll band. Their first album Tales of the New West helped me survive the last twenty years. I'm also a lifelong fan of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, CCR, and Bob Dylan.

22. What I always called pacifism was, in large part, cowardice.

23. Tomorrow, I will want to change these.

24. I did 26 because I like to rebel—in small, subtle ways.

25. I have no regrets, but would a few “do-overs” really kill anybody, I ask you?

26. I expected things to be different.

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